Home surveillance footage shows debris falling before Florida condo collapses

Home surveillance footage shows debris falling before Florida condo collapses
Rubble hangs from a partially collapsed building in Surfside north of Miami Beach, on June 24, 2021. - The multi-story apartment block in Florida partially collapsed early June 24, sparking a major emergency response. CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images
  • Home surveillance footage shows the moments before parts of a condo in Florida came crashing down.
  • The 13-second video shows debris raining inside Rosie Santana's living room.
  • Santana was not home when a wing of the 12-story condo building collapsed early Thursday.

Home surveillance footage from a resident of the partially collapsed 12-story condo building in Surfside, Florida, shows the chilling moments before the structure came crashing down early on Thursday.

Rosie Santana wasn't at her family's two-bedroom condo on the seventh floor of Champlain Towers South when a massive section of the building collapsed, but her motion-activated camera recorded some debris raining in her living room.

"I am a resident of one of the condos on the side of the collapse," Santana said in a tweet with the 13-second video.

"This is a video from my camera footage inside from the start of the collapse until the lose of connection (I was away from the building today). Towards the end, you hear the structure failing," she wrote.

Santana told CNN that her condo was among those that had collapsed. "It's just dust," she said. "There's no hope for it basically."


Santana added: "It's basically a vacation home that we use, but I've been there for the past 3 weeks and I just happened to leave yesterday."

Officials said on Friday that the death toll from the building collapse had risen to four people, with 159 people unaccounted for.