India remains to be ranked as the fourth most powerful country as per Asia Power Index 2021

Dec 8, 2021

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

United States — 82.2 score

According to Asia Power Index 2021, the US, for the first time, has outranked China in the measure of future resources. But the US saw a notable drop of 1.9 points in military capability and 10.7 points decline in economic relationship.

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China — 74.6 score

Ranked among super powers in Asia, China lost its first-place ranking in diplomatic influence and future resources. It remains in second place behind the United States for military capability and cultural influence, and in third place for its resilience.

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Japan — 38.7 score

Japan is ranked among middle power countries in Asia with an overall score of 38.7 out of 100. The country has for the first time dropped below the major power threshold of 40 points and is now considered a high performing middle power.

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India — 37.7 score

Fourth most powerful country in Asia and ranked among middle power countries, India again falls short of the major power threshold in 2021. Its overall score declined by two points compared to 2020. It is one of eighteen countries in the region to trend downward in its overall score in 2021.

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Russia — 33 score

Russia, which declined by 0.5 points compared to 2020, performs best in the resilience measure by placing at second position, and ranked third in the region for its military capability, and has gained one place to reach the regional top ten for its defence networks, according to the index.

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Australia — 30.8 score

After gaining ground last year, the country’s comprehensive power is now approximately back to its pre-pandemic level. Ranked at second position, Australia performs best in the defence networks measure.

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South Korea — 30 score

Ranked at seventh position, South Korea saw its greatest improvement in its resilience measure, where it moved up two places in the rankings.The country also performs best in the defence network measure by placing at fourth place.

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Singapore — 26.2 score

According to the Asia index, the country remains a standout performer relative to its small size and population. Singapore is also the only country to break into the top five for defence networks without any formal alliance commitments.

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Indonesia — 19.4 score

Indonesia’s overall power ranking increased by two places from last year, overtaking Thailand and Malaysia. Indonesia performs best in the future resources measure, where it is placed at the fifth spot.

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Thailand — 19.2 score

In 2021, Thailand saw its greatest ranking improvement in the economic capability and cultural influence measures, where it moved up two places for both. However, it has also slipped by two places in the defence networks measure relative to 2020.

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The above ranking has been given by Lowy Institute Asia Power Index 2021 edition.

Credit: Lowy-Institute

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