ReserveBar is an online store for luxury wine and spirits — I was impressed by its selection of top-shelf liquors and the shipping experience

ReserveBar is an online store for luxury wine and spirits — I was impressed by its selection of top-shelf liquors and the shipping experience

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  • ReserveBar is an online luxury spirit and wine store that specializes in rare bottles, gift sets, and fine drinkware.
  • You're probably not going to want to shop here for your everyday beer or bottle of table wine (you can buy those things at more affordable prices elsewhere).
  • When it comes time for a special occasion, though — especially an engraving or a last-minute order — ReserveBar is a go-to.
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ReserveBar is an online delivery platform offering everything from bottom- and middle-shelf wine and spirits to the very tippy-top (think Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blancs and Remy Martin Louis XIII), all available in upscale gift packaging.


Thinking about gifting someone special a vintage rosé from Perrier Jouet? Well, why not toss in a pair of Waterford crystal Champagne flutes? A bottle of Jefferson's Reserve small-batch bourbon? Why not get it engraved? Of course, no one is going to shame you for gifting yourself, but that doesn't mean you should forego the fancy glasses, bottle holders, and engravings.

What is ReserveBar

ReserveBar can be a wonderful website for finding just the right top-shelf bottle or special gift, especially when it comes to champagne, wine, liquor, custom engraving, barware bundles, and more.

What to buy from ReserveBar

Seeking out a rare vintage wine or a select small-batch bottle of bourbon — maybe the elusive 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve? ReserveBar has it. A prodigious bottle of Cognac or Champagne for a special occasion? Something, or anything, in a nice box or tote? ReserveBar has all of that, too.


Occasionally, you'll find great promotions, either on shipping or credit when you buy a certain number of bottles at once. At the time of this update, there's free shipping on orders of $150 or more with the code "SHIP150".

What to buy elsewhere

We generally won't look to ReserveBar when restocking the bottom and middle shelves of our liquor cabinet or getting regular old beer or wine.

For example, a fifth of Bulleit Bourbon from ReserveBar is $43 (down from the usual $46). That's not a deal, especially when the is charging $34 and Drizly is at $32. While you'll usually find your run-of-the-mill brands offered for less elsewhere, it pays to poke around ReserveBar for these kinds of deals.


Or if you're a Tito's Handmade Vodka drinker, your best option is to first call your local spirits shop to see if they're running their own delivery service. If they are, there's a good chance that will be your cheapest option. I went through the checkout process at ReserveBar competitors and Drizly for a lone fifth of Tito's to find that you're going to pay close to $40, if not $50, for what should be a $20 bottle (give or take a few bucks), thanks to the sites' shipping and handling charges (taxes obviously vary from state to state).

So long as your local retailer isn't marking up its prices too badly, you probably won't pay much more than $30 for that same delivery from them, not to mention that it'll likely arrive within the hour. Support your local retailers when and where you can, but also when and where it makes financial sense for you.

How ReserveBar works

ReserveBar is an online store for luxury wine and spirits — I was impressed by its selection of top-shelf liquors and the shipping experience


Before you start shopping, select which state you'd like to have your order shipped to in the top right section of the screen, just below "Customer Service" and to the left of "Corp Gifts."

Then — and this might be our favorite part about ReserveBar — you can shop by category and subcategory based on everything from vintage to gift sets, limited offerings, and quality. This type of curation is smart and helpful; for example, under Scotch, the drop-down tab lets you choose between "luxury," "single malt," and "blended."

If it's in your budget, the "Rare and Exceptional" selection is worth a look and potential sip.


The ordering process

Before you order anything, scour the website and check the retailer's Facebook page, which often posts deals you might not otherwise find.

We ordered from ReserveBar as regular customers using a gift code on April 15, in the afternoon, and our box arrived on April 21 at midday, through economy or ground shipping. Everything was safe and sound thanks to empty cardboard inserts and bubble-wrap. I went for a couple of gift sets for upcoming occasions as well as one just for me: a bottle of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2007, a bottle of Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum with a pair of Dartington glasses, and a bottle of Remy Martin XO, also with a pair of (Remy Martin) glasses. Prices were comparable elsewhere, and while some items were a few dollars more on ReserveBar, I felt it was worth it when my purchases arrived so elegantly packaged.

It's important to know that some wines and spirits can't be shipped to certain states — on the right side of every product page, you'll find a list of places that particular bottle can be shipped to. Liquor laws in the US are tricky; add online delivery and it's a conundrum, not so much for you but for retailers.


As with any alcohol delivery service, ReserveBar requires someone 21 or older to be present with valid ID to accept the order.

Does ReserveBar have any deals?


While a lot of this stuff is available on other popular online liquor stores, ReserveBar stands out for its luxury packaging and customization, as well as its occasional but outstanding sales, like Johnnie Walker's White Walker (Game of Thrones) edition for $39 (you save $26) or Hennessy VSOP Privilège for $55 (you save $10), which are running now.


For free shipping on orders of $150, use the code "SHIP150".

The bottom line

ReserveBar is the place to go when you want to give a personalized present, or something a little more special than a generic bottle of scotch or Bourdeaux with a nylon bow on it. It's where you turn for custom engravings, fancy crystal and barware sets, gift baskets full of top-shelf liquors and luxury snacks, and so on. ReserveBar is not geared toward facilitating regular orders, and while you will find a selection of middle- and lower-shelf brands, it will do you well to compare prices before completing your purchase.

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