These free cryptocurrency courses offer everything you need to know about diving into the crypto market

These free cryptocurrency courses offer everything you need to know about diving into the crypto market
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  • Cryptocurrencies are the newest investment trend in markets.
  • Being relatively new, the crypto market is no stranger to scams and fraudulent schemes.
  • This is why it’s important for investors to do their own research (DOYR) before diving in.
  • Those who would like to dip their toe in the exponentially growing market should look into some short term courses listed below, all of which are free of cost.
Cryptocurrencies are about more than just money, but not too many newbie investors know about the underlying technology that powers the value of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Doge and others.

Why they’re all technically ‘cryptocurrencies’ running on one blockchain or the other, each one proposes to solve a different problem and derives its value in a different way.

According to Bakkt Holdings, a digital asset financial firm, the market for cryptocurrencies may hit $3 trillion over the next four years if not sooner. It already crossed the $2 trillion mark last week before slipping slightly to settle at $1.96 trillion on Sunday, August 15.

Cryptocurrencies and India

India is home to one of the largest populations of cryptocurrency holders in the world, according to a new report by Finder. WazirX, a crypto exchange based in India backed by the global crypto behemoth Binance, saw new users jump by 2,648% in 2021 as compared to last year. Most of these users came from smaller towns and cities — like Mohali, Lucknow and Ranchi — rather than urban metropolitan areas.


According to leaders in the space, Grayscale Investments CEO Michael Sonnenshein, financial assets like cryptocurrencies only come along once in a generation. And, they could become the most important asset class of the 21st century if current trends continue and new use cases continue to emerge.

If you’re one of the many people out there looking to diversify your investments and dip your toe in the crypto market, doing your own research (DYOR) is imperative. The surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies has also given birth to a number of scams and fraudulent schemes that could lead to huge losses if one is not careful.

Those who have a keen interest in the crypto market and want to learn more about it — everything from ‘pumping and dumping’, ‘hodling’ to reading trends — can go through some of these online listed courses which can help you gain a clear perspective on the digital currency market.

These are some short term free online courses for anyone interested in the field with no eligibility criteria —

1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by Edx
Estimated duration: 6 weeks
Cost: Free

This course is for beginners which provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the fundamental concepts of crypto space — with a particular focus on the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The course covers basic properties of Bitcoin and its mechanics behind it. This course can help you begin a career in the crypto market, whether you want to be a crypto miner, trader or just someone who wants to try and predict the market.

2. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Technologies by Coursera
Estimated duration: 23 hours
Cost: Free

This course will solve all your queries related to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. This course will help you build a conceptual foundation of crypto and understand the fundamentals of the market, how it works at a technical level.

3.Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain by Udemy
Estimated duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free

This course by Udemy is for beginners to get a functional and economic understanding of this radical concept.

The added benefit is that the course will also help you gain access to the community network of entrepreneurs, experts and investors who will guide you through the resources and knowledge you need to build a successful career in this market.

4. Stock Trading/ Cryptocurrency Trading | Technical Analysis : Beginner to Pro by Skill Share
Estimated duration: 6 hours
Cost: Free

This course gives a broad spectrum of what is cryptocurrency to ‘swing trading’ strategies. Swing trading refers to the style of trading which aims to capture short-term to medium-term gains in the stock instead of long-term holdings.

This course will give you a strong grasp of how to perform technical analysis on any cryptocurrency chart and will also help you take your Bitcoin and crypto trading skills to the next level.

5. Learning Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies by Linkedin Learning
Estimated duration: No estimate
Cost: Free

This course will demystify Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — like Etheruem and Ripple. Its aim is to explain the entire concept of the investment landscape.

The course will also give you an insight on how to create a Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin trading and protecting your transactions.It will also cover other concepts like Bitcoin mining, threats to the Bitcoin economy and how one can connect with the cryptocurrency community.

6.Diploma in Cryptocurrency by Alison
Estimated duration:15 hours
Cost: Free

This course will introduce you to the world of cryptocurrency and is ideal for beginners.

Other than basics about crypto, this course sets itself apart from the others by covering other important aspects like legal ramifications of cryptocurrencies and the challenges regulators face.

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