It may be time for Mac users to give Apple's Safari browser another chance

Macbook Pro

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Apple's MacBook Pro will take advantage of the new Safari when macOS High Sierra launches later this year.

Safari is getting smarter.

Though the new version of macOS, High Sierra, mainly consists of under-the-hood upgrades, Apple's web browser is one of the few Mac apps set to receive tangible, visible improvements. There are only a handful of new features, but all of them are focused on making it less aggravating to use the web.

They're also likely to cause some panic in publishers and ad-tech companies.
I've been testing the new Safari for the past week on the beta version of macOS High Sierra. (A preview of the web browser is also available by itself; I wouldn't recommend installing the beta versions of either Safari or macOS High Sierra on your primary computer.)

Here's what's new and notable: