It seems like Amazon and Google may finally be ending their streaming video feud

It seems like Amazon and Google may finally be ending their streaming video feud

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Getty; AP

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, left, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


Two of the biggest rivals in tech, Google and Amazon, have taken a new step toward working together.

The two tech giants announced Thursday that they would make their video apps available on each other's streaming devices. That means that the YouTube app will now be on Amazon Fire TV devices, and the Prime Video app can be accessed on Chromecast devices.

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Up until now, Amazon and Google had prevented their respective video services from being available on each other's TV streaming platforms. Google blocked the YouTube app from Amazon's products back in 2017, a response to Amazon's previous decision to stop selling Google's competing devices - Chromecast and Google Home - on its website.

However, the agreement to make YouTube and Prime video available on the competing platforms doesn't extend to the two companies' visually equipped smart speakers, at least not yet. The Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show both have visual displays for playing videos, but Thursday's announcement made no mention of these two devices.


"We think selection is a good thing for customers and are always looking for ways to add more video content to Echo devices with screens," an Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider. "However, I don't have anything specific to share today."

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