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It turns out KFC's 'clean-eating' cauliflower burger was a prank to launch a much more traditional menu item instead

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kfc cleaneating burger


Last week, KFC UK and Ireland ran a puzzling social media campaign to trumpet the launch of its new "clean-eating burger."

It apparently contained a "chia-seeded cauliflower bun," "unsweetened almond yoghurt," "ice cube relish," "spiralized chicken breast," and "100% British kale."

KFC said it was created in collaboration with "Figgy Poppleton-Rice" - a clear parody of clean-eating food bloggers. Nevertheless, some internet users reacted in disdain at KFC for neglecting its traditional fried chicken fare.Now KFC has revealed the stunt was a marketing ploy to launch a much more KFC-like menu item.

In a press release, KFC says the idea for the campaign was based on "consumer fatigue" around the clean eating trend: "Let's get real - no one is craving a quinoa salad, lusting over a kale and celery juice, going weak at the knees for chia seeds or daydreaming about raw veg crudités."

Instead, KFC is launching a new burger called "The Dirty Lousiana." It contains a chicken fillet, three sauces (black pepper mayo, "supercharger" sauce, and BBQ sauce), two layers of cheese, gherkins, and a hash brown.

That's more like it:

KFC Dirty Louisiana


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