Ivanka kept a straight face when Trump called Apple's CEO 'Tim Apple'

trump ivanka tim appleYouTube/White HouseYouTube/White House

  • Ivanka Trump was sitting next to her father, President Donald Trump, when he called Apple's CEO "Tim Apple" instead of Tim Cook.
  • Ivanka kept a straight face despite the apparent blunder.
  • It's possible "Tim Apple" was just awkward phrasing on the President's part - the White House transcript adds a dash between "Tim" and "Apple" - but the video is still funny to watch regardless. 

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump met with members of his American Workforce Policy Advisory Board when he called Apple's CEO, who was sitting right next to him, "Tim Apple" instead of "Tim Cook."

A video clip of the incident quickly went viral. But a longer version of the video, also posted to YouTube (and embedded below), shows Trump's daughter Ivanka sitting next to him, and keeping a straight face following her father's apparent gaffe.

It's unclear if "Tim Apple" was just a result of awkward phrasing - maybe there was a comma between "Tim" and "Apple" in his mind - but President Trump has also done this before, when he called Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin, "Marillyn Lockheed."

For what it's worth, the White House transcript of the conversation shows an em dash, punctuation that signifies a signal interruption, between "Tim" and "Apple," as you can see below.

tim apple white house transcriptWhite HouseWhite House


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