Jimmy Fallon Steals Stephen Colbert's Emmy After Gwen Stefani Flubs 'The Colbore Report'


In an attempt to out "Adele Dazeem" John Travolta, Gwen Stefani presented the award for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series to "The Colbore Report."

Her "Voice" co-star Adam Levine corrected her after the fact, but the Internet is a fast and fickle beast.


Stefani's flub wasn't the only memorable moment - capitalizing on the joke, Jimmy Fallon took to the stage and acknowledged the mispronunciation, insisting that there must have been some mistake.

Colbert kept the gag going by dictating the rest of his speech into Fallon's ear, including a curse word that censors caught in time.


Colbert still had time to top it off with a heartfelt, out-of-character speech as he accepted the award.

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