Jony Ive just unveiled a ton of new Apple Watch Sport band colors at a Milan design event


new apple watch sport band colors


Jony Ive revealed a new series of Apple Watch Sport band colors at Milan Design Week this week, 9to5Mac reports.

At an Apple showcase on Friday with Phil Schiller and Marc Newson in attendance, Ive debuted never-before-seen Sport bands in new colors, including a number of "skin tone" colors, red, dark blue, and yellow.

Umberta Gnutti Beretta, a philanthropist and artist, posted a picture on Instagram showing off the new Sport band colors.

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While Apple is not currently launching the Apple Watch in Italy, Milan's influence as a harbinger of fashion makes it an important city for Apple to show off the new device. 

The Apple Watch comes in three distinct models with various bands. The cheapest option is the Apple Watch Sport with the plastic Sport Band, which was available starting last week for preorder in white, blue, green, pink, and black.


But no matter what color band you initially choose, you can swap it out. Right now it's a small selection but what Ive has unveiled points to many more that could be on the horizon for folks in the US.

Below is Beretta's Instagram of the new Apple Watch Sport bands:

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