Criticising Demonetisation: Sudden concern for poor people in queues!

Criticising Demonetisation: Sudden concern for poor people in queues!The recent demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the Indian government has got a lot of people talking.

On one hand, there are people supporting the government move and listing down various benefits of demonetisation in support of their argument. On the other, there are people opposing this move listing down various reasons for opposing the demonetisation.

And both have some merits and taking the government explanation on face value, the intention of the government looks good though the implementation could have been somewhat better.

However, it is ironic to see some people making a big issue out of poor people standing in queues which is a way of life for poor people in India even after almost 70 years of independence!

The strategic humour story “Judo Strategy: Criticising Demonetisation - Sudden concern for poor people in queues!” explains the concept of Judo Strategy in a funny way. Judo strategy is an interesting strategy concept to engage with your competitor.


Here, have a look!

(The article is authored by Prof. Rajesh K. Pillania is judged Best Faculty for Strategic Management in India by ASSOCHAM & Education Post and is ranked jointly #1 for research productivity among management professors in India. He is author of Strategic Humour book, a stand-up comedian on strategy and is faculty of Strategy with MDI, Gurgaon.)