'Jurassic World' has grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide in only two weeks


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"Jurassic World" has already set numerous box-office records, and this weekend's grosses indicate it is poised to set another mark.

In just two weeks, the film has earned a worldwide total of $981.3 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise "will be the fastest in history to hit $1 billion."

"Jurassic World" raked in $102 million domestically this weekend, a decline from its domestic opening-weekend gross of $208.8 million, but enough to make it only the second movie in history to earn more than $100 million on two different weekends.

All told, "Jurassic World" has earned $398 million in the US, The Hollywood Reporter notes, as well as $583.1 million around the world - $161.7 million of which came from China alone.


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Universal Pictures/"Jurassic World"

The latest records come after "Jurassic World" topped "Furious 7" to become Universal's biggest Thursday release, with $18.5 million in receipts.

Perhaps most impressively, as BI's Brett Arnold noted on June 13, the movie had the biggest opening day of all-time, as its one-day totals on Friday, June 12, amounted to $64.1 million, besting "Furious 7" and both Avengers films.

It currently has a 71% rating on RottenTomatoes.

"Jurassic World" cost $150 million to make and the director, Colin Trevorrow, had just one directorial credit to his name prior to this one: the small independent film "Safety Not Guaranteed."