Katy Perry has been live-streaming her life for 3 days straight, and she's still going

katy perry live stream

Katy Perry via YouTube

Katy Perry is pulling out all the stops to promote her new album, "Witness," including exposing every moment of her life on a YouTube live stream.

Perry started the video stream on Friday, the day "Witness" came out, and it's still going on Monday. (She's sleeping as of this writing - 9:38 a.m. for Perry.) It's set to concluce on Monday night when she performs at a concert.

katy perry

Katy Perry via YouTube

Katy Perry is sleeping right now.

According to Spin, Perry has done a lot in the course of the stream, including going to therapy, hanging out with James Corden, cooking with Gordon Ramsay, calling for an end to her notorious feud with Taylor Swift, and apologizing for appropriating black culture. That's a busy weekend.

Swift released her music catalogue on Spotify Friday, which was widely seen as a move against Perry's album rollout.

You can check out Perry's live stream below:



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