Klay Thompson gave an all-time eye-roll and grew frustrated after learning he missed out on nearly $27 million by not making an All-NBA team

klay thompsonReinhold Matay/APKlay Thompson's contract earnings were affected by not making an All-NBA team.Reinhold Matay/AP

  • Klay Thompson did not make an All-NBA team, which affects his next contract value by nearly $27 million.
  • Thompson learned of his omission while speaking to reporters, and he gave a massive eye-roll when learning other players made the team over him.
  • Thompson said it takes "more than just a couple All-NBA guys" to make five straight NBA finals, but said he would rather win a championship than make the team.
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Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson grew frustrated upon learning he didn't make an All-NBA team, and thus, cannot sign a "supermax" contract this summer.

If Thompson had made an All-NBA team, won MVP, or was named Defensive Player of the Year, he could have signed a five-year deal worth about $221 million with the Golden State Warriors - also known as the "supermax."

Because he did not make an All-NBA team (and is unlikely to win the other two awards), the most he can sign for with the Warriors is for five years and about $194 million.

Thompson learned the news on Thursday during a media session. Thompson had to ask, "Oh, I didn't? They already came out?" as a reporter asked him a question about the All-NBA teams. When Thompson learned Kemba Walker made the third team over him, he gave a massive eye-roll (it's unclear if Thompson rolled his eyes over Walker, specifically, or simply not making a team at all) and grew visibly frustrated.

"I mean, that's cool and all, but when you go to five straight finals - I respect those guys, but when you go to five straight, it takes more than just a couple All-NBA guys," Thompson said. "Whatever. That's not - I'd rather win a championship than make third-team All-NBA, so it's all good."

When asked if the fact that All-NBA teams - which are decided by media votes - can affect player contracts, Thompson shrugged and said he can't control it. He disputed that he wasn't worthy of an All-NBA spot, however.

"Do I think there's that many guards better than me in the league? No. But that's the reason why we're still playing, so."

The Warriors have a big and expensive summer coming. Thompson and Kevin Durant are both free agents, and the Warriors could explore giving Draymond Green an extension. While Durant's future is up in the air, with reports suggesting he could leave the Warriors, Thompson wants a max contract from the Warriors, per a league source.

The Warriors are still on pace to become historically expensive, but as Thompson said, they have a historic roster with more than just a couple of All-NBA players. If the Warriors want to keep the run going, it will cost them.
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