Kolkata Uttar and Dakshin election result 2019: BJP from Dakshin and TMC from Uttar leading as per initial counting

A majority of the Lok Sabha election 2019 predictions say the TMC candidates will win from Kolkata Uttar and also Kolkata Dakshin constituencies. At present Subatra Bakshi and Sudip Bandyopadhyay are the sitting MPs from Kolkata Dakshin and Kolkata Uttar constituencies respectively. Both of them contested in 2014 elections in AITC tickets. AITC finds these two constituencies a stronghold for its Lok Sabha seats.

During 2014 elections, Subatra Bakshi of AITC won from Kolkata Dakshin constituency with a margin of 1,36,339 against the BJP candidate Tathagata Roy. His vote share was 36.95%. The election result 2014 for the Lok Sabha was favorable to Sudip Bandyopadhyay of AITC who secured 343,687 votes with a vote share of 35.95% while Rahul (Biswajit) Sinha of BJP was the runner with 247,461 votes which marked a 25.88% vote share.

The key candidates from Kolkata Dakshin constituency are Mala Roy of TMC, Mita Chakraborty representing the Congress, Nandini Mukherjee nominated by the CPI (M) and Chandra Kumar Bose fighting for the BJP. The key candidates for Kolkata Uttar constituency are Rahul Sinha representing the BJP, Syed Shahid Imam contesting on behalf of the Congress, Sudip Bandyopadhyay representing the AITC and Kaninika Bose nominated by the CPI (M).


As per the statistics available with the Chief Election Commissioner of West Bengal, the total number of electors in Kolkata Uttar Lok Sabha seat is 1,443,818 consisting of 794,275 males and 649,528 females besides 15 third gender voters. Kolkata Dakshin Lok Sabha constituency has a total number of 1,505,638 voters made of 821,490 males and 684,148 females.

The voter turnout during 2019 Lok Sabha elections is recorded at 67.09% for Kolkata Dakshin and 61.18% for Kolkata Uttar seats. The voter turnout during 2014 elections for these constituencies was 69.30% for Kolkata Dakshin and 66.65% for Kolkata Uttar constituencies.