LEO builds Instagram like social network for kids, ‘Lego Life’

There are LEGO bricks and Lego movies, Lego videogames and Lego books. The stackable, sortable plastic moulds saturate all sides of our society. Today, it cuts out a new space online: Lego Life, a social network, with Instagram-like features built particularly for kids. The whole experience is contained within an app that is accessible in the App Store and in Google Play.

Looks like Instagram

At face esteem the platform resembles a brick-obsessed Instagram; it has your standard newsfeed, profiles and like/comment features. A closer look at the platform however uncovers a window into the brightness of Lego's marketing virtuoso. Notwithstanding the different content uploaded by users themselves, the newsfeed offers the company a direct line with its user base. Through a grouping of challenges, build recommendations and spotlighting different sets from the Lego multiverse, the platform viably serves as a self-advancement for other Lego products. A visualized hashtag system has even been concocted to let kids rapidly surface their most loved themes.

What can kids do?

They can follow their most loved topics and groups—including those committed to superheroes—related to their most loved Lego characters. There are challenges and "recommended builds." There are no in-app purchases, yet Lego-related ads abound. Also, they can make their own mini Lego avatars—which move as you plan them — loaded with a lot of frill.

It appears like a fun thought and a stop-hole to less curated types of social networking for kids growing up with iPhones and tablets. Its concentrate on product marketing and the potential for abuse are still definite concerns, be that as it may, if dealt with properly; it could be an incredible place to inspire the builders of tomorrow.
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