Lenovo’s Enterprise Business Director says CIOs have a limited budget and are expected to deliver a lot more

India is one of the leading software resources market in the world. But while it is the largest software outsourcing market in the world, it is spending billions in importing hardware resources. Hardware is becoming a commodity in the enterprises and instead of investing in hardware they are investing more in applications. This has become a trend on its own. Siddhesh Naik, Director, Enterprise Business Group of Lenovo has an experience of 15 years in the hardware space and laments that the reality has still not changed for the space.

“It is a tight rope walk and as a part of the hardware space, we have to fall in line,” said Siddhesh.

He talks about the two main problems that are hindering the growth of innovation in the space.

1. The Chief Information Officers have a limited budget and are expected to deliver a lot more. The investments that are going into the application space is a lot more than what is going into the hardware space.

“Hence, I have got to deliver a lot more in a lesser budget in terms of performance.”

2. I have to deliver a lot more within a particular energy envelope. The energy envelope available to the CIOs is very limited. The energy envelope in terms of power consumption, cooling, the data centre capabilities that he can bring into the table is very limited.

The whole path that he needs to walk is how he does this balancing act.

But hardware players are not pulled won with these challenges. They have set an example in finding solutions to turn these difficulties around. One such solution is Lenovo’s project SAP.

“Through this one move into real time computing which means one is doing in-memory computing to take real time decisions,” he said.

(Image credits: indiatimes)
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