LG's New 'G Flex' Flexible, Self-Healing Phone Doesn't Look Very Flexible At All




The new LG G Flex device has curved glass and a self-healing back cover.

LG is coming out with the G Flex, a "flexible" phone that can bend slightly.


That's better than other phones on the market, but don't get too excited. The G Flex isn't something you can bend and twist. Instead, it merely becomes flat when a heavy weight is pressed on it.

The Verge got its hands on the phone early and took a video of the technology. It barely moves, but the Verge calls it "truly flexible."

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LG also says the phone can self-heal, or fix scratches on its back panel in minutes like X-Men's Wolverine. It's not clear how well that works or not.

Here's the clip, below.