Lok Sabha Election 2019: Total seats in Puducherry

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Total seats in Puducherry
Puducherry is a small union territory of India located within the borders of Tamil Nadu. The region had been the colony of the French and it got independence around the same time when India secured its freedom from the British government. Puducherry has only one Lok Sabha constituency. The said constituency will go for polling on April 18, 2019 along with Tamil Nadu when the country will see its second phase of elections. The counting will happen on May 23 and the results will be declared on the same day by evening.

Names of Lok Sabha constituencies in Puducherry

The name of the constituency for the Lok Sabha in this union territory is Puducherry.


The present status of constituencies in Puducherry

Following its victory in Puducherry for the parliament in 2014, the All India NR Congress holds the single seat available from the state in the Lok Sabha. The present state of affairs in the state predicts that Congress could be the lucky party this time to win the Lok Sabha seat in 2019 elections. However, the actual outcome will be known on May 23 when the votes will be counted across the country. Meanwhile, BJP is also giving its best in the union territory during the campaign.