5 charts that tell you what India cares about ahead of 2019 elections

5 charts that tell you what India cares about ahead of 2019 elections

  • The biggest concern for the public in India is the lack of employment opportunities.
  • Inflation and corruption in the government are also burgeoning issues that people in India see as a problem.
  • Despite the cynicism over electoral impact, Indians are satisfied with the way democracy functions in the country.
India is gearing up for the world’s largest democratic exercise, its general election, in May this year. Over 900 million voters are expected to participate and most of them see employment are the biggest problem in the country right now according to a new report by the Pew Research Center (PRC).

And, 76% of adults in India share that point of view, citing that lack employment opportunities still a very big problem.

They also feel that there has been little progress when it comes to addressing key issues like communal relations and the wealth gap despite the current Indian Prime Minister’s, Narendra Modi, speeches about India’s progress.

Modi has also been highlighting the growing stature of India on the world stage as an impetus to his reelection, but most people around the world don’t see a significant change in India’s role when it comes to world affairs.

With the elections set to open in little over a month, Indians have specific frustrations with respect to the elections and the politicians in power as well. Majority of the people believe that the people leading the country are corrupt and no matter who wins the elections, it won’t have a heavy bearing on how things function in India.

Even so, more than half of Indians are happy with the way democracy is working in the country.

But, it should be noted that the level of satisfaction has declined 25 percentage points since last year, when nearly 79% voiced their approval of India’s democratic functioning.

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