Mark Cuban is starring in the third installment of the ridiculous TV movie 'Sharknado'


mark cuban sharknado

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Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has been cast to play the role of US President in "Sharknado 3," the third installment of "Sharknado," a movie centered around a fatal natural disaster combining deadly tornadoes and flying sharks.


The "Shark Tank" judge, investor, and outspoken critic of net neutrality will be joined by conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who has been cast for the role of Vice President, Variety reports. According to Variety, other celebrities who will have cameos in the third "Sharknado" movie include Jerry Springer and Bo Derek.

If you're unfamiliar, a Sharknado is a bizarre weather phenomenon that combines the deadly force of a tornado with a massive amount of killer sharks. The sharks are pulled from the ocean by the tornadoes and fly through the air, then fall on and eat people.

The quirky made-for-TV movie series thrives from its social media buzz. In July, "Sharknado 2" generated 581,000 Sharknado-related tweets from 188,000 users and had 3.9 million viewers, becoming SyFy's most-watched original movie. The year before, "Sharknado" generated 318,000 tweets from 112,000 users.

Cuban is not the first of the sharks from reality TV series "Shark Tank" to be in a "Sharknado" movie. Last summer Daymond Johns was an extra in "Sharknado 2."


We reached out to Mark Cuban via his secure, ephemeral messaging app CyberDust.

Here is what he told us: "I love acting! Don't forget Entourage movie this summer!" Cuban is, of course, referring to the upcoming release of the movie based on the TV series of the same name, in which Cuban has made appearances. He's also had roles in "Walker, Texas Ranger" and the FX comedy series "The League."

The first Sharknado movie took place in Los Angeles and the sequel was based in New York, but the third installment will be in "Washington, D.C., and down the Eastern Seaboard into Florida," according to Variety. The movie is set to air in July.

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