Mark Zuckerberg Made Quite A Face When Asked If He'd Try To Buy Snapchat Again


mark zuckerberg

Mobile World Conference

Mark Zuckerberg's face after he was asked about Snapchat.

Mark Zuckerberg just spoke at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There was time leftover for an audience Q&A, during which he was asked:


"Will you make another bid for Snapchat?"

Zuckerberg immediately looked away from the person asking the question and was visibly annoyed. He ignored the question until the interviewer pried for an answer.

Zuckerberg pursed his lips.

"No," he stated. He seemed determined not to say more.


After a few moments passed, Zuckerberg continued: "Look, after buying a company for $16 billion, you're probably done for a while."

We're hunting for the clip - which was steamed live - now. In the meantime, here's a screengrab of his face a few moments after the question was asked.