No tomatoes in McDonald's burgers for some time now

Because of poor quality of tomato crops, US burger chain McDonald's has decided to stop using sliced tomatoes in its burgers and other products in North and East India.

A notice displayed at McDonald's outlets in Connaught Plaza explained that because of company’s inability to procure good-quality tomatoes, it has stopped to add tomatoes in various products.

Other than the quality of crops, the country has also seen tomato prices shooting up in the past few months. In June, wholesale price inflation data showed vegetable prices jumping up by 17% y-o-y.

However, as per senior executives at McDonald's India, the move is not inspired by high prices but by poor quality.

However, Westlife Development, operating McDonald's outlets in Western and Southern parts of India, has not come up with any step, since it’s not facing any such issues.

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