Meet Anjali Sud, the Indian-origin CEO of Vimeo who took the video-streaming platform public

Meet Anjali Sud, the Indian-origin CEO of Vimeo who took the video-streaming platform public
Video platform Vimeo, which was spun off from InterActive Corp, became a listed company on May 25th.

The initial public offering (IPO) debuted after Vimeo raised $300 million to take its valuation to a whopping $6 billion in January and solid first-quarter results.

In Vimeo's journey to becoming a public company, its Indian-American Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Anjali Sud had a huge role to play. Sud shared a message on Twitter after the company made its trading debut on Nasdaq.

"Today Vimeo is a public company," Sud wrote on Twitter, sharing a picture from the morning of her company's listing. "It has been a 16-year labour of love, rooted in our belief in the power of video," she added.

Here's her message:


Anjali Sud believes failure is essential to succeed

Sud has an interesting early-life story. She was once told she doesn’t have the personality to be a banker. But if you really are working hard to achieve something, it will always pay off. So is the case with Sud who told Forbes that there’s no playbook or rules to gain success.

Sud's story begins with a train of rejection. Recalling her past experience, she said that she once wanted to be a banker but couldn’t find a job at any reputed investment bank. Every single bank rejected her, according to CNN Money. but it wasn’t her first time to face failure. She witnessed a tough time in her academic career at the age of 14 when she left home to join a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts. She failed many times during the first year of her school as well.

During her early career, she tried everything from marketing diapers online to investment banking and ended up finding a job at Vimeo as a vice president and head of global marketing at Vimeo in 2014, before becoming the CEO of the company in July 2017.

Sud’s career advice to people is to look smartly where nobody else is looking. "Failure is essential to success," seems to be her mantra.

“I think that when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, you get off that learning curve so much faster and you develop as a leader so much faster. I tell people to get comfortable doing that and do it as early as you can in your career,” Sud had told Business Insider.

Sud was also featured on Fortune’s 40 influential young business leaders under 40 list in 2019.