Meet The Man Pornhub Just Chose To Lead Its First National Ad Campaign

Nuri GulverPornhub announced it has selected Nuri Gulver, a copywriter from Istanbul, to be its first creative director and help launch its first national advertising campaign.

The site has been holding a contest for three months in which the public was solicited to come up with ideas for a clever, safe-for-work ad campaign that could run on TV, in magazines, and on billboards.

Gulver, 24, was selected as a finalist in May for this ad:All You Need Is Hand PornHub ad

The description Gulver included in his winning entry explains the logic behind his campaign idea: "Because of our icon is a hand, our campaign will easily integrated into any media. Because everyone has it or familiar it. And they use it often in their daily life. So, with our effective insight, we will announce 'Pornhub' name to the whole world in a short time."

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For his victory, Gulver will be awarded a one-year contract to be in charge of future ad campaigns and creative content for Pornhub. According to web analytics firm Quantcast, the site was visited by about 13 million unique visitors in May.

According to his LinkedIn page, Gulver has been working as a copywriter at Alametifarika, a Turkish ad agency responsible for, among other campaigns, an immensely popular 2012 Turkish Airlines ad starring Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant.

"The gig suits me, as I have a passion for creatively solving problems - in this case launching an advertising campaign for a taboo industry in the mainstream press," Gulver said in a statement included in Pornhub's press release. "I used to think I was lucky, but now I think I am the luckiest person on earth."

Pornhub VP Corey Price praised Gulver for coming up with an idea that could easily be run as a catchy, multi-media campaign.

"The concept is smart, relatable and it has potential to work across all advertisement platforms," Price said in the press release. "We're thrilled to announce Nuri as the winner and are looking forward to working with him to roll out the industry's first mainstream ad campaign."