Meet The Real-Life Raccoon Who Inspired 'Rocket' In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'


rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy


When "Guardians of the Galaxy" comes to theaters Friday, one of the characters everyone will be talking about is Rocket Raccoon, a gun-toting rascal with a lot of spunk voiced by Bradley Cooper.


But before he was voiced by Cooper, and brought to life with the help of motion capture, animators drew inspiration for the character from a real-life raccoon named Oreo.

Raised since he was two days old by Sallie Rainbow and the people at Oreo and Friends, a UK-based group that describes itself as an animal encounters company that helps raise awareness of exotic animals, the now five-year-old raccoon was invited by director James Gunn to model for Rocket in "Guardians."

Gunn recently spoke with British magazine Small Furry Pets detailing all of the moving parts that went into creating Rocket.


Via ComicBookMovie:

"We needed a raccoon to study how he looked and his behavior, so that our on-screen raccoon, which is generated through CGI will be realistic," said Gunn. "Our Rocket is based on a combination of our voice actor, Bradley Cooper, our on-set actor, my brother Sean Gunn, the movements and behavior and look of Oreo [the raccoon], as well as my own animation."

oreo rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy

@oreoandFriends, Twitter/Marvel, BI composite by Kirsten Acuna

Oreo the raccoon served as inspiration for Rocket the Raccoon in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Oreo most recently headed out to the "Guardians of the Galaxy" premiere in London where the mini star lounged in his own hotel suite ...

... before heading out to the red carpet to greet fans ...

... and reunite with Gunn.


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