Men are obsessed with underwear from an obscure retailer with a cult following


duluth buck naked underwear

Duluth Trading Company

Men are obsessed with Duluth Trading Company's Buck Naked Performance underwear.

The company has over 12,000  5-star reviews for the four iterations of the underwear - boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and long boxer briefs.

According to the reviews, the underwear is true to its namesake. Many men praise the underwear for its "barely-there" quality.


It's "so comfortable that you don't really notice that you're even wearing underwear," one man wrote.

The company has used these reviews to create funny videos.


How could a company that has just over 6,500 Twitter followers amass that many reviews?

The answer is two-fold. There's the obvious reason - men like to be comfortable.

Duluth Trading Company also uses a third party company that helps them secure tons of reviews.


That company is PowerReviews. PowerReviews is responsible for curating reviews for many high profile companies, including Toys'R'Us, Sports Authority, Starbucks, Avon, Eddie Bauer, and more. (The companies then own their respective reviews.) 

"We've found certainly that people and willingness to share reviews has been growing over time over the last decade," PowerReview's CEO, Matt Moog, said to Business Insider. pointing to the widespread use of reviews across the Internet, be it TripAdvisor, Yelp, or even Uber.

Moog said that about 5-10% of customers are willing to submit a review for a product, but it's all about target these customers at the optimal time. For a dishwasher, that might be two months after the initial purchase. For underwear, that could be for weeks.


Ultimately, Duluth's customer base is incredibly passionate about the underwear.

"What's  fascinating about Duluth as a brand [is] it's very targeted and therefore, people are very passionate about what they stand for and what their mission is and what their brand is all about," Moog said.

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