Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Just Said These Weird-Looking Goggles Are 'The New Desktop'


Microsoft executives testing HoloLens


We just bumped into Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, here at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


He was about to take the stage for a panel put on by about the future of tech.

He told us something rather surprising.

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He said that Microsoft's new computerized goggles, HoloLens are "the new desktop."

When worn, HoloLens, powered by Microsoft software called Windows Holographic, project animations unto the visible world. They are not a virtual reality goggles, they are augmented reality goggles.


Nadella said the one incredible application for HoloLens that impresses him is that you can put them on and drive a rover around Mars, all while feeling as though the terrain of Mars has come to your office or living room.

Business Insider's Matt Rosoff recently tried HoloLens and was blown away. He said, "I just had a 40-minute in-person demonstration of HoloLens, Microsoft's new computer headset, and I'm convinced that personal computing is on the verge of a major change."

"In 10 years or so, people will be using head-mounted displays that project 3D images that you can interact with in actual space."

One reason Nadella's pronouncement is so surprising is that several consumer technology companies have tried, and failed, to convince normal people to wear bulky headsets to experience content in a new way. A couple years ago, the TV companies all came out with 3D TV sets. Then came Google with its now shuttered Google Glass.