Microsoft is moving closer to a desktop PC in your pocket

Satya NadellaMicrosoft

Microsoft could be about to bring desktop Windows apps (known as Win32 programmes) to Windows 10 Mobile phones running in Continuum mode, according to Kevin Gallo, vice president of the Windows developer platform.

A tweet, from Ginny Caughey, a Microsoft associate on the Windows developer team, reports that Gallo said the company is looking into supporting Win32 apps on phones at Microsoft Connect 2015, a conference aimed at developers.

In its current form, Continuum-enabled phones can only run apps from the Windows Store. Microsoft revealed to Business Insider that the Store has around 350,000 apps, a number that is far short of the millions of Win32 legacy apps that businesses and users rely on.

Continuum was introduced in Windows 10 and allows a compatible smartphone the ability to act as a full desktop PC when connected to a $99 (£64) Display Dock. This is enabled by the "One Windows" strategy and Universal Apps that run across Windows 10, according to Microsoft.

CEO Satya Nadella has publicly stated that Continuum is aimed at countries that are "smartphone only," replacing the need for a PC with a portable device that can be taken anywhere and do things beyond work.

The statement from Gallo also fits in with the rumours of a Surface Phone aimed at businesses who use Win32 apps. The Surface Phone would likely be more powerful than the current Lumia phones (which are already pretty powerful), making it better suited to legacy desktop apps rather than mobile apps.

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