Microsoft may have just solved the horrible app selection on its phones


belfiore build


Windows executive Joe Belfiore.

Microsoft just announced that Android and iOS developers will be able to offer their apps on Windows 10 devices, including future Windows Mobile phones.


The news came at today's Microsoft Build event for developers in San Francisco.

There's a catch, though.

Users won't just be able to download an existing iOS or Android app and run it on Windows. The developer has to take their code, run it through a Microsoft tool, and offer it themselves. So don't get too excited just yet.

Microsoft's goal here is to make it as easy as possible to build applications for Windows 10, and particularly Windows phones, which have suffered against the iPhone and Android partly because of the lack of apps. n fact, King already used Microsoft's new developer tools to bring its hit Candy Crush Saga game from Android to Windows 10.


To that end, Microsoft has also announced that developers will have tools that will help them turn their websites and older applications into Windows 10 applications too.

After all, there's no reason developers to take the time to build brand new apps when Microsoft can help them build their old ones into something that'll run on what Microsoft hopes will be 1 billion Windows 10 devices in the next few years.

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