Microsoft Told A Room Full Of Journalists That Windows Phone Is Beating BlackBerry And They All Laughed


tech journalists at mwc microsoft event 2014

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

These folks got a chuckle out of Microsoft overtaking BlackBerry.

Microsoft held a Windows Phone event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today to go over its plans to increase the mobile operating system's global market share.

In the middle of the presentation, Microsoft showed a video about how the Windows Phone operating system is gained momentum and market share in 2013.


The opening line of the video?

"We've overtaken BlackBerry."

In a room full of over 200 tech journalists and analysts, we heard more than a few chuckles.


Realistically, Microsoft overtaking BlackBerry is just a minor milestone. Windows Phone only has about a 4% global market share. Meanwhile, Google's Android has about 80% of the market and iOS has about 13%. There's still a lot of work for Microsoft to do if it wants to reach the point where it's big enough to entice developers to make apps for Windows Phone at the same time they make apps for Android and iOS.

And until Microsoft has a vibrant app ecosystem like Android and iOS do, there's very little benefit for consumers to own one of Microsoft's phones.