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The AI tech behind scary-real celebrity 'deepfakes' is being used to create completely fictitious faces, cats, and Airbnb listings

How it works: Every time you refresh the website, the StyleGAN creates a new AI-generated face. The generator uses a dataset of faces from Flickr.

Created by: Philip Wang, former Uber software engineer. He shared the website in a public Facebook group about artificial intelligence and deep learning.

"I have decided to dig into my own pockets and raise some public awareness for this technology," Wang wrote in his post in the Facebook group.


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How it works: Nvidia's code on Github includes a pretrained StyleGAN model, and a dataset, to apply the code to cats.

Created by: Two websites have since emerged.

One version,, was created by Wang, the same person behind Like the original website, this site shows one AI-generated cat per page refresh.

The other version,, was created by Australian developer Nathan Glover. He posted the link to his site on Twitter, and wrote he had generated over 30,000 fake cats. The website shows rows of these cats at the same time, but they change each time the page is refreshed.



How it works: Each time the page is refreshed, the website shows a new fake Airbnb listing, complete with AI-generated room pictures, name and face of the host, and listing description. "They are all fevered dreams of computers," the website says.

Created by: Christopher Schmidt, an engineer working on open source code at Google. In the "About" section on his Airbnb listing's site, Schmidt writes that he was able to produce StyleGAN content without any "real experience with neural networks" or his own "fancy computing resources."

"This means that just about anyone with a couple hours to kill could create something just as compelling as I did," Schmidt writes. "While there are parts of the experience that are weak, overall, I think that it works: the listings are often dubious, but typically plausible enough that they would survive a quick glance."



How it works: Every 10 seconds, a new StyleGAN-generated anime face appears. The site uses a database, called Danbooru2018, that contains millions of images of faces from anime.

Created by: Gwern Branwen, a writer who has covered statistics, the darknet, and Bitcoin.

Branwen actually created the Danbooru2018 dataset, which the site uses to generate the doctored photos. "Waifu" refers to female anime and manga characters.

The website has been picked up on forums on Reddit, 4chan and China's Baidu.