Monsoon Fashion Check: How To Look Fab In This Soggy Season

Monsoon Fashion Check: How To Look Fab In This
Soggy Season
Romantic rain, fresh breeze, pleasant days and cool evenings – everything sounds like a scene straight out of your favourite romantic movie. But in real life, stepping out of home and looking good in the rainy season can be really difficult, especially if you have to travel a lot for work. Here’s a fashion to-do list to look chic and feel comfortable even when it’s pouring outside.

1. Go for shorter hemline
Keep those extra-long trousers/skirts for some other day and go for shorter hemline in whatever silhouette you choose. Opt for shorts, cigarette pants, capries, knee-length skirts, dresses and work shorts. Avoid layered and flowing outfits that might get soiled.

2. Ditch the denim
Stay away from denim in this season and go for quick-dry and water-resistant materials, such as nylon, chiffon, cotton-blends or mixed fabrics.

3. Say no to sheer

Avoid sheer fabrics as they get transparent and may cause embarrassment if you get drenched. Go for slightly heavier and good quality fabrics.

4. Foot fashion matters
Stay away from shoes made of suede or leather as they can get damaged in the rain. High heels are again a big ‘no’ during the monsoon but in case you plan to wear them, keep an extra pair with you and slip into those if the ones you are wearing get wet. Flip-flops and open-toed footwear made of good quality PU are a perfect choice as they are durable and easy to dry and clean. Colourful waterproof sandals are hot this season.

Men need not feel neglected either as there’s more to men’s foot fashion than the standard rainwear gumboots and floaters. They can go for jelly sandals, also known as jellies, which are the hottest trend this season. Lightweight, comfortable and waterproof, these are going to be your perfect rain buddies. Don’t forget to keep a pair of formal shoes handy at office and change your socks regularly to avoid allergies and rashes.

5. Accessorise it right
You can accentuate even a dull outfit with the right accessories. For instance, you don’t want your leather hobo to lose its shine during the monsoon. Therefore, ditch the leather and the embroidered cloth bags, and go for some funky and colourful waterproof bag if you are outdoors most of the times. Jewellery made of silver or other metals that can be easily tarnished is a strict no-no during the rains. So go for statement pieces made of plastic, ceramic and beads, which are ideal for the season and look chic, too.

6. Get high on rain gear
Face the weather in style by dressing up in some chic rain gear that’s available in the markets. From funky raincoats and umbrellas in eclectic prints to stylish gumboots, the options to look hot in this cool season are endless. If you want to play it safe, invest in a good quality raincoat in black or blue, so that it goes with everything you wear.