This car services startup is giving you yearly deals to make your life easier

This car services
startup is giving you yearly deals to make your life easier

MotorZo is a car services startup currently operating in Bengaluru which deals with all the hassles and issues faced by car owners.

If you go by statistics, the Indian automobile industry had an annual production of 23.37 million vehicles in FY 2014-15, according to India Brand Equity Foundation. This is why the automotive aftermarket is thriving. It includes retailers, service providers and garages, manufacturers and distributors. But this crowded space doesn't still ensure a fair deal.

Motorzo, on the other hand, is trying to help you do away with this ambiguity. What makes it different is the great price points it provides on a yearly or half-yearly basis to the car owners, customized to their car model.
While we know that each car company has it’s own after sales care unit, they end up being very expensive for the car owner. Motorzo connects the car owner to the right serviceman and provides at-home or at office services, saving your precious time.

To give you a glimpse of the services it provides, we sought the service price for Hyundai i20 Cross Petrol car on their portal. These are the packages they offered-

Regular Vehicle Maintenance every year helps a vehicle run longer, better, smoother and more efficiently. For this, it was listed at Rs. 2999.

Repairs are a costly and confusing affair and car owners have usually no idea what is wrong or which is the right place to go when a repair or fix is needed. You can diagnose issues with your car using Motorzo’s inbuilt repair intelligence and if it is a complete clutch overhaul it will cost you a sweet Rs. 1,399 for an i10.

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Scratch? Dent? Broken Bumper? All of these not only spoils the look of your car but is a potential source for rusting if left unattended. Get painting per panel for Rs.2,499.

If you live in your car and are looking for a simple car wash or a deep interior cleaning, this Diwali, they have 70% off on interior cleaning and eco wash of the car on your convenience for Rs. 888.

Caught in an emergency situation in the middle of the highway and your car not starting? Dial up their emergency helpline number +91 7848 060606 or get their yearly roadside assistance at Rs. 699 only.

If they end up delivering on their promise, maybe owning a car won’t be such a rough ride for owners.