MoviePass isn't letting some annual subscribers cancel who were promised a refund

MoviePass isn't letting some annual subscribers cancel who were promised a refund


Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • MoviePass started converting annual subscribers to monthly plans over the weekend, and some users were given the option to cancel and receive a refund for the remainder of their annual plans.
  • Many subscribers have taken to Twitter to complain that they can't cancel their plans and receive a message that says their credentials are ineligible. 
  • Two users told Business Insider that MoviePass got their sign-up dates wrong: for instance, one user signed up for an annual subscription on February 24, but the email the user received said "August 24."
  • Some MoviePass users who inquired about why they didn't receive an email about the changes said that MoviePass told them only select users were given the option.


Over the weekend, MoviePass sent an email to annual subscribers saying they'd be converted to the new monthly plan that the movie-theater subscription service had been slowly rolling out. Rather than being able to see one movie per day, they would only be able to see three per month.

In the email, MoviePass promised that if the annual subscribers wished to cancel, they would receive a refund for the remainder of their annual subscription.

But that process hasn't gone smoothly.

Two MoviePass annual users told Business Insider that MoviePass got their sign-up dates wrong in the email, and it could be a reason they were considered ineligible for a refund.



In the screenshot above, you can see that underneath the "Cancel subscription" button, there's a reference to when this subscriber started MoviePass: "The new plan's movie allotment for this month works as follows: because you began your annual subscription on August 24, any movie you saw on or past July 24 will count toward this month's allotment of movies."

However, this user told Business Insider that he actually signed up on February 24, not August 24. For another user, the message said he signed up on August 4, when he actually signed up on April 4.

MoviePass said both did not have valid credentials for a refund.

One reason why that could be is if those August dates refer to last year, MoviePass' system might consider those annual subscriptions already fulfilled, and there would be no refund "for the remainder of your annual subscription." MoviePass did not respond to a request for comment.

Other users have gone on Twitter to complain that, when they tried to cancel, they got a message saying their credentials were wrong and didn't match an eligible account.

Here are a few examples:


But not all annual subscribers were even notified of the change. It seems only "select" annual MoviePass subscribers received the email about their plans being converted, and were offered a refund.

Several MoviePass users provided the following message to Business Insider that they received from MoviePass Support:

"This option was only offered to select users that received an email from MoviePass about being migrated to the 3 movies a month plan. However, I can make an exception for you. I've enabled your ability to request a prorated refund. To do so please proceed to the following website. You have until 11:59pm EDT on August 31st to process the cancelation of your account and receive your prorated refund. This offer then expires and you will be unable to request one again. Please note you will be unable to reactivate your subscription for 9 months if you cancel your account."

One subscriber who tried to cancel said she received the same message after going back and forth with MoviePass support, however MoviePass never actually let her cancel.

Business Insider has reached out for comment from MoviePass about whether all annual subscribers will eventually receive an email about their plans being converted, and whether they will all be allowed to cancel their subscription or to accept the changes by a new deadline.