New Details On Apple's iWatch: It Will Have A Round Face, And Apple Is Increasing Its iWatch Orders


Motorola 360 Watch


This is Motorola's smartwatch. Apple's will reportedly look similar.

Apple's iWatch is going to look like ... a watch.

Analyst Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities just got back from a big trip to Taiwan, and he has new details on the iWatch.

According to his supply chain sources, the iWatch will have a round face. Many people were expecting it to have a rectangular face, but Blair's sources tell him it's going to be round, like a normal watch.


Motorola has announced plans for its own circular smartwatch that runs on Android. Blair's sources say the iWatch will have a similar look, but a "slimmer profile."

If you've been watching Apple's software design evolution, this would make sense. It's made icons and buttons on the iPhone round. So, we could see it fitting those icons onto a watch.

Blair says the iWatch will go into production around July/August. There will be "models" of the iWatch. (Probably one for women, one for men.)


It sound like Apple is growing confident in the success of the iWatch. Blair says Apple's orders for the iWatch are higher than previously expected. He forecasts Apple makes 18-21 million iWatches for the second half of the year, up from his previous estimate of 15-20 million.