New Google Maps Hack Shows What Cities Around The World Look Like Under Water

Earlier this week the US government released its National Climate Assessment Report, which revealed that regions all around the country are experiencing the affects of climate change. Now, environmental awareness advocate Carbon Story has launched a World Under Water hack for Google Maps that shows you what your hometown might look if sea levels continue to rise.

The website adds 6 feet of water to whichever address or landmark you plug into its search bar. The problem, however, is that it doesn't account for elevation. This means that even if the location you enter is located thousands of feet above sea level, it will still appear flooded through Google Maps when using World Under Water.
It may not be the most accurate representation of climate change, but it's intended to illustrate the larger issue behind global warming. According to the recently released report, the block of time between 2001 and 2012 was warmer than any previous decade throughout the entire country looking as far back as 1901.

Here's what a few major cities around the world look like through World Under Water:


New York City

Barcelona London

Kamakura, Japan