New Karaoke System From Guitar Hero Creators Makes Even The Worst Singers Sound Like A Choir Of Angels



Screenshot / Singtrix

Some people can belt out their favorite songs (whether or not they're in the shower) and still sound good. For others, staying on-pitch during "Happy Birthday" is a challenge and getting up on stage at a karaoke bar is absolutely out of the question.

But Singtrix, a new karaoke system from the creators of Guitar Hero, will let even the worst singers perform vocal acrobatics like a superstar.



The Singtrix set comes with a microphone that works with its vocal effects unit and if you sing into it you will sound good, guaranteed.

There are three skill levels-enhanced, semi-pro, and pro-and whichever you select will determine how much the machine boosts your voice and smooths out those sour notes. If you're bad, the machine does a lot of work, but if you actually have a nice-sounding voice you'll just sound nicer.

Singtrix is compatible with any audio player with the standard connector port, so you can play songs from your smartphone or laptop or Karaoke Anywhere, an app that includes a library of more than 13,000 songs with lyrics. A "Song Voice" feature lets you lower the existing vocals on any tune that you decide on.


Once you've picked your hit, you can try out any of the 300+ vocal effects, that range from different genre overlays (so, to get crazy, you could use the "Rap" setting with a country song) to specific voices, like Olive Oyl, Popeye, and, of course, T-Pain. If you just want to mess around, you can adjust Singtrix so you sound like an outer-space robot, but if you want to host a more typical-style karaoke night, you can stick with the basics.

"We want everybody to be able to get up, sing, sound good, have the experience, and have a fun party," John Devecka, CEO of Singtrix, told Business Insider.

Our favorite Singtrix feature was probably "Live Back-up Singers" mode. Just press the "Hit" effect button on the microphone and you get four voices harmonizing along with you as you belt out a chorus.


As someone who's singing voice is almost offensively bad, I was skeptical before trying out Singtrix, but when I did, it made me sound like an honest-to-goodness Katy Perry imitator. It was almost a little weird.

When you buy Singtrix, you get the vocal effects unit, a microphone and stand, and a speaker system and you can order Singtrix for $299 here.

To get an idea of just how great Singtrix can make you sound, check out the demo video below:


Singtrix from Singtrix on Vimeo.