New Mad Men Season 6 Poster Contains At Least 7 Plot Clues

AMC is driving us crazy with the promotional poster it just tweeted for Season 6 of Mad Men.

There appear to be at least seven potential clues to new plot points in the life of Don Draper. (Or maybe we're reading too much into this.)

Here's the poster; below, we'll speculate about what's going on in it:

  1. First, note that there are two Don Drapers depicted. This looks like a reference to the Draper backstory — Draper was born Richard "Dick" Whitman, but switched his identity with a fallen comrade in the Korean War and adopted Draper's identity in full upon his return from Asia. Although there have been some close calls in previous seasons, this secret has never really caught up with him.
  2. Is Don running from the police? It sure looks like he's in a hurry to get away from that roadblock.
  3. Whose hand is Don holding? There are always three women in Draper's life at any one time: His new wife, Megan; his old wife, Betty; his daughter, Sally; and whoever is catching his eye at any given moment. The hand could belong to any of them.
  4. What's in that briefcase? Draper isn't known for his attention to paperwork.
  5. Is Draper headed in the wrong direction? There are two one-way signs and a stop sign in this painting.
  6. Is Don leaving on a jet plane? There's one in the background, even though planes are not easily seen from Madison Avenue at street level.
  7. The first episode is two hours long! That'll be a three-martini event, then.