Nikon is axing a third of its DSLR lines as it focuses on a mirrorless future


  • Japanese camera giant Nikon could be looking beyond DSLR cameras for its future.
  • A third of Nikon’s DSLR lines could be replaced by mirrorless replacement.
Nikon appears to be reworking its strategy to capture the mirrorless camera market share, with companies like Sony, Canon and Fujifilm having had a significant head start in this arena.

A new report has revealed that the company could be axing more than a third of its DSLR lines, replacing them with mirrorless versions instead.

A recent report by enthusiast site Nikon Rumours reckons that the D3500, the D5600 and the D500 could be axed and replaced with mirrorless versions. At this juncture, Nikon has eight DLSR models active, and if this rumour turns out to be accurate, the company could be signaling a mirrorless-cameras future.

Lending further credence to this rumour is Nikon’s own statement from last year when it announced the Z-series full frame camera system. At the time, Nikon said that the Z mount was “the new light that Nikon will use to pioneer the future.”

The future of DSLRs at Nikon

The report adds that Nikon would not be releasing replacements for the D3500, the D5600 and the D500. This would make them the last models in their respective product lines.

Apart from these models, Nikon currently has the D5, D850, D750, D7500 and the Df. Among these, the first four models are set to receive product upgrades, with the D760 set to arrive later this year.

However, there is no news about a replacement for the Df at this point and given that it was released in 2013, its fate is yet to be determined. Should Nikon axe the Df as well, it would result in a 50% reduction in the number of DSLR models.

A mirrorless-dominated future

While there could be a 50% reduction in its DSLR lines, Nikon is rumoured to be working on two new mirrorless cameras, one in the mid-range and one in the high-end. In the mid-range segment, there coule be a replacement for the D3500 or the D5600, while the high-end model is said to be an equivalent of the D5.

A third mirrorless model could replace the D500.

At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to when these new mirrorless models will arrive in the market.