Now anyone can purchase land in Jammu Kashmir after scraps article 370 and 35A

In a momentous and bold move, the government of India scrapped the Article 370 that had granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Henceforth, Jammu and Kashmir will become a Union Territory with a legislative assembly. On Monday, August 5, 2019, the central government of India revoked article 370 that had given an exclusively special status to Jammu and Kashmir. The scrapping of the said article puts Jammu and Kashmir on par with the other states and union territories of the country.

Scrapping of the article 370 also wipes out the provisions in the article 35(A) which had prevented the non-residents of Jammu and Kashmir from getting state jobs or own a property in the valley. Earlier, Article 35(A) had also given the J&K state government the power to decide if an individual was a permanent resident of the state. Those individuals defined as non-residents by the legislature were prohibited from acquiring a property in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The said article had also barred the rights over property to the females in the state who get married to non-residents.

As a result of the abolition of article 370, the residents of any other state can also buy a property in J&K. Females will get back their right to property even while marrying an individual from outside the state. The present situation is expected to change the face of J&K significantly inviting the setting up of manufacturing firms, businesses, and hotels in large numbers besides seeing the Indian citizens from other states buying properties in the valley.