Now, order Blood online. This startup is helping you do that

Now, order Blood online. This startup is helping you do thatIn the midst of an era of blood shortage fewer than 10 percent of eligible donors roll up their sleeves to give blood. All things considered, it's not only that, there's a major logistics gap in the industry. The issue is- - most hospitals depend on regional blood centers. Meaning blood – well, it isn't flowing freely across the country.

In comes Bloodbuy, a healthcare information technology startup that works on a cloud-based platform interfacing hospitals and blood centers across the country. Their technology works to address the uneven geographic distribution of available blood supply in real-time, and keeps a tag on prices by publishing blood product average cost and other key market pointers for network participants.

This geographic seclusion can offer ascent to monopoly valuing structures and causes territorial blood supplies to be exceedingly helpless to serious weather events; with snow impeding accumulation endeavours and putting healthcare providers and their patients at risk. Such a shortage keeps key healthcare services from being provided.


Essentially, Bloodbuy permits hospitals and healthcare facilities to look for blood at the lowest price and from the best available source. Blood banks enter data about their provisions, including expiration dates and prices, and hospitals log into place orders.

The usage of Bloodbuy has demonstrated to address these market failures, and benefit every partner: hospitals, blood centers and patients.