Now You Can Find Out What's Really Killing Your iPhone's Battery Life


Somedays it seems like all you have to do is take your iPhone off the charger and it's already dipped below 90%. Carrying a Mophie or wireless charger around is a simple fix, but there are ways to see what's actually killing the life of your iPhone's battery.

The Daily Dot's Taylor Hatmaker explains how iOS 8 users can take a peek behind the curtain:

Once you open up Battery Usage [see below], you'll be able to view a list of apps in order of battery consumption. There's a 24-hour view and a view for the last seven days, which is handy whether you're trying to explain a sudden change in battery life or if you're just taking a look at your habits over time. It's an overdue addition to iOS, but an extremely useful one, assuming you know it's there at all.


Here's what Battery Usage looks like, and where it can be found: Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

Battery Life iOS8

The Daily Dot


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