NYC Will Have 'Sugar Police' Armed With 17-Ounce Cups To Enforce Bloomberg's Sugar Ban

Watch out, New York restaurants.

The soda police are coming to get you.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial ban on large sugary drinks hits Tuesday and along with it comes an initiative to make sure restaurants are following the rules.Advertisement

City health inspectors will be armed with specially ordered 17-ounce cups to enforce the new mandate, Tina Moore at the New York Daily News reported.

Here's how it's going to work:

Health inspectors will use the new measuring cups when they're visiting restaurants for regular inspections.

The cups will be able to contain 17 fluid ounces. Inspectors will issue a violation when the cup is found to "clearly exceed" 16 ounces when put in the measuring cup.

The frequency of the inspections depends on letter grade. For instance, restaurants with an A grade are inspected only once per year, but that timeframe shortens as the letter grade gets lower. Deputy Health Commissioner Daniel Kass said that the cups are meant to provide establishments with a margin of error.Advertisement