Obama Blasts Republicans For 'Telling Tall Tales' On Obamacare - 'Don't Be Bamboozled'

Barack Obama Obamacare press conference

White House

President Barack Obama warned the American public on Friday of "misinformation" on the implementation of his signature health care law, urging them to "not get bamboozled" by political forces.

"Don't just read a blog or some commentary from some political pundit," Obama said at a press conference Friday that amounted to a rollout of public outreach on the implementation of "Obamacare." "Don't let them run the 'oki doke' on you."
In a 25-minute press conference, Obama touted the Affordable Care Act's benefits, particularly focusing on women's health in advance of Mother's Day. He stood in front of a handful of women whom he said had already seen the benefits of the law.

Insurance companies can no longer charge a woman more simply because she is a woman, Obama said. Pregnancy, he added, is no longer a pre-existing condition.

The second half of his press conference, however, was aimed at Republicans and opponents of the law, who he said were "telling tall tales" and spreading misinformation.

"That misinformation will continue at least through the next election," Obama said.

Obama's public touting of the law comes at a time when even supporters are beginning to worry about its implementation.