Office actor John Krasinski explained how joining his college sketch comedy group changed his life in a commencement speech at Brown

Brown University

YouTube/Brown University

John Krasinski.

  • John Krasinski is an actor, writer, and director who is best known for his role as Jim Halpert on NBC sitcom "The Office."
  • Krasinski, a Brown University graduate, delivered the Baccalaureate address for the Brown Class of 2019 on Saturday. 
  • Krasinski explained how the inspiring friends that he met at university helped him to succeed in his career.  
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John Krasinski returned to Brown University on Saturday to deliver the Baccalaureate address to the school's undergraduate Class of 2019.

Krasinski, who is a writer, director, and actor and is best known for his role in NBC sitcom, "The Office," is a Brown Class of 2001 graduate. Advertisement

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Krasinski went on to explain how his decision to join a college sketch comedy group "changed his entire life."

"Not because I got in, not because I started acting. It was through that group that I found my way into this community. It was through that group that I met my people and all of a sudden I was surrounded by the most inspiring peers," he said. "One of the best decisions I made in my life was just to lean all the way in."

"Remember, before you do something special, just do something."Advertisement

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