Online Singles Are Getting Desperate For A Cheap Valentine's Date


girl shooting heart arrow for valentine's day


With Valentine's Day nearly here, more people are hunting online for a quick date on a budget.


Coupons for were the most searched deal online this week, according to a report from

The site clocked nearly 250,000 web searches for the dating site –– 40,000 more hits than a deal for a dozen roses from

It was a surprising find even for the site CEO Dominic Yacoubia, who said he expected "brands more traditionally associated with the day that glamorizes romantic love, like chocolate, flower and lingerie retailers, to be fighting for the number one spot."

"The result suggests that single Americans are not only feeling fed-up with being alone at this time of year, they are also feeling cash-strapped so are looking for deals for online dating services, rather than paying full price," Yacoubia said.

Advertisement currently offers 25 percent off sign up costs, as well as a free 7-day trial.

If you're looking for more variety, however, is out with a list of other affordable sites to scout for a Valentine's Day date.