Oracle engineers are building a Nerf gun that you can shoot remotely over the internet

By now you've heard the next phase of the internet, called the Internet of Things, is coming and will rock your world. IoT is when everyday inanimate objects get sensors, chips, and apps and can be controlled over the internet.

Oracle engineer Mark Vilrokx and The Apps Lab team at Oracle decided to put IoT to the test with a device anyone with a sense of humor would love: a Nerf gun connected to the internet that you can fire remotely by voice command.

The Vine below shows it in action.


Vilrokx offers step-by-step instructions with photos and video on his blog, like this one:

And now, Oracle's whole Apps Lab team is working on the project. They plan to demo it at Oracle's big JavaOne conference later this month in San Francisco.

The team explained in an Instagram post:

Amazon Echo was integrated into the Nerf gun in order to send commands to launch any number of darts from anywhere in the world! The IoT Nerf gun can even talk to other internet enabled services like #Twitter. The Nerf gun is set up so that every time a dart is launched, it tweets about it. 


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