Oreo is launching a paper-thin cookie with fewer calories


Oreos are getting thinner.

The beloved cookie company is coming out with a brand new type of cookie called Oreo Thins, reports the AP.

But these cookies aren't necessarily for those on diets, although the fewer calories will certainly benefit those watching their waistlines.


The cookies are designed to be a "sophisticated" version of the classic dunkable cookie, and incidentally, they have fewer calories than their thicker counterparts, notes the AP.

Oreos Thins are not designed for dunking in milk or pulling apart to eat the inside filling. "But if people want to do that, it's clearly up to them," Oreo's senior director Janda Lukin told the AP.

Lukin explained that the new Oreos were the cookie's equivalents of crepes, reports the AP.


Lukin also informed the wire service that instituting Oreo Thins in China helped win back "lapsed" consumers in China.


But will the grown-up, less indulgent cookie work with Americans, who are known for eating excessively? Possibly.

The Today Show tried the less caloric treat and said that the cookies are "good. They're Oreos, and they taste like it." Today also accounted for the calorie difference: Oreo Thins have 140 calories per four cookies, while three regular Oreo cookies account for 160 calories.

Oreo has frequently released over-the-top decadent flavors in the US, from cookie-dough to s'mores.


This version of the cookie is the complete opposite of the Internet's divisive "Moreo" concept, which separated the cookies from the filling, allowing consumers to customize the Oreo experience.

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