Patagonia founder: 'Trump is the perfect person to take us to the apocalypse'



AP/Evan Vucci

Trump touring the water plant in Flint, Michigan.

It'll be a return to the Dark Ages if Donald Trump is elected, according to Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, the environmentalist and businessman painted a dark picture of the future when the topic of the current election cycle came up.

"Trump is the perfect person to take us to the apocalypse," Chouinard told the New Yorker, after claiming we're "seeing the end of empire, the end of globalism."


"People will revert: protecting your family, protecting your village. Like the Dark Ages. I honestly believe that," Chouinard said.

Chouinard has a bit of a history of outspoken, blunt opinions. He fiercely opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement between countries that's become a controversial issue throughout the election, noting that his criticism got himself "On Obama's shit list."

His biggest concern, however, is climate change.


"Nobody's mentioning global warming," Chouinard said. "No one wants to deal with it."

During Chouinard's interview with The New Yorker, a Hillary Clinton speech played on the radio in which she said she "believes climate change is real."

In response, Chouinard said: "That was her environmental message? Oh, God."


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